Seminars and Workshops

Conrad Bui

Base of Operations: Denver and San Francisco
Combatives Instructor, Martial Arts Coach and
Doctor of Chiropractic at Aim High

Martial Arts and Combatives
Martial Arts
Seminars and Worskhops

Ying Lung Hsing Hsing Yi

5 Element Fists
- Metal
- Water
- Wood
- Fire
- Earth

5 Element Linking Form | 5 Element Set

12 Animals
- Dragon
- Sparrow
- Hawk
- Tiger
- Horse
- Monkey
- Sparrow
- Fighting Chicken
- Snake
- Bear
- Eagle Bear
- Water Lizard

7) Big Dragon Form | advanced Fu Style form with modifications from Sigung Kim Ho Chu.

8) Green Dragon Form | Ba gua from Uncle Bill's Kuntao - Silat to Uncle Wayne. Super Advanced! Tight ba gua loaded with the combat flavor of Kuntao.

9) Snake Form- Advanced body weaving and snake style jing. Watch YOUR eyes when you go against this system!!!!

Ba Gua Training

- Standing Post Chi Kung
- Silk Reeling Exercise
- Dragon Moves Body
- Dragon Extands Claw (Tzu Kune- Natural Fist)
- Circle Walking
- Ba Gua's Square platform
- Pole training
- Push Hands

Tai Chi

- 24 Move form
- 108 Long form
- Sword form
- Push Hands


Si To Wayne Welsh' Ying Lung Hsing Ba Gua Zhang

1) Stance Form | set of 9 stances done with Ying Lung Hsing flavor

2.) Eight Mother Palms | basic change, intermediate change, advance change

3) Original Form - 8 Guas. A virtual dictionary of ba gua motion. Uncle Wayne learned from Wayne Ng. Excellent form for the foundation of Ba Gua knowledge

4) "Old" Ba Gua Form - 8 guas from Fu Style, possibly the form that Fu Chen Sung learned from his teacher. Fu Chen Sung taught Wong Hung (captain in the Chinese army), who taught Master Kim Ho Chu (formerly Sic Ho Chu) who taught Uncle Wayne

5) Small Dragon Form | original Si-To Wayne form with 8 guas. A transition from the original form to the dragon form.

6) Cyclone Broadsword Form | Fu style sword form. Done with the big ba gua dao. The big saber is a tool that magnifies ba gua's unique twisting jing.