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Silat Serak

This curriculum usually builds the students' foundation with kick boxing, Jeetkundo and Kali training. Such trainings focus on building basic concepts of angles and positioning, timing, strengths, techniques, and conditioning. Once the knowledge gaps are filled,  students now are ready for silat training.

Djuru Belah Diri (15 sets and variations)
These pre-set drills are used in teaching the "flavor" of serah system for beginners. I call this silat kempo because these are preset techniques. Within the techniques are the entries, principles and concepts of silat.

Djuru (Upper body fundamentals,  - 1 through 18)
Applications, concepts and theories are expressed from the djuru. Odd numbered djuru start with djuru #1,  even djuru start with djuru #2. Djuru djuru are considered the "gold" of the system. The djuru djuru are used to train and burn the upper body art into the nervous system of the murid.

Langka Luru- execute all 18 Djurus on the luru (straight-line). 

Entries & Positioning
1) inside line
2) outside line
3) split inside/outside line with upper/lower positioning
4) switches between upper/lower

Langkas (footworks) and Theories
1) Langka Tiga Basic (triangle) | use of Sapu (front sweeps), Paset (back sweeps), Puder (turn)

2) Langka Tiga Advanced
3) Langka Umpot (box) | Use of the sliwa position.
4) Langka Lima | Making the "X"

Langka Drills (sticky feet/legs)
Using the 4 lower gates (feet) and 4 upper gates entries, there are a total of 64 (8x8) positions (ba gua, right there folks.) Naturally, your foot can also be on those of your opponents. Langka drill progression:
1) Arms holding
2) Slapping hand
3) Against punches and other attacks

Advanced Langka Patterns
1) Diamond Pattern | develops superior foot positionings during attacks and defense against hands and weapons
2) Sukurung (platform) | 18 Djurus on many triangles and squares to develop zoning, 360* awareness. Multiple attacker theories and strategies.

Final 9 Langkas
The "diamond" of the system, and only reserved for Gurus. Understanding of the 9 langkas open the door to advanced footwork understanding.

1) Elbows and shielding(6)
2) Knees (6)
3) Kicks (7)

Tongon Suchi
Partner drill using Langka Umpot and Lima with clapping hands, a good hand/ forearm/shin conditioning method that works the langkas

Angles of Attack (16)
1) 16 angles with sticks and knives
2) Inside/outside counters to 16 angles
3) Clock dance | execute 16 angles in clockwise, counter-clockwise, combination, and notice of 45* angles

Combat Training
1) Four-corner training
2) Shin and arm conditioning
3) Free-style kumbangon on Tiga, Umpot, and Sekurung

4) Situational training and pad work
5) Adrenal full-contact stress scenario training. (This is something I added in)
6) Gauntlet with empty hand (set and non set techniques) and weapons.