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Conrad Bui

Base of Operations: Denver and San Francisco
Combatives Instructor, Martial Arts Coach and
Doctor of Chiropractic at Aim High

Martial Arts and Combatives
Martial Arts
Seminars and Worskhops

 Internal Forms (5)
Uncle Bill's internal forms are mostly a combination of two or even three internal systems.
- Ie Shing Po I | Yi-Xing
- Ie Shing Po II | Yi-Xing closed door form
- Puter Ungon | Turning wind
- Chan | Combination of Ba Gua, Tai chi, Xing Yi
- Green Dragon Ba Gua

Tji Mande Djurus (21)
The 12 djurus of tji- mande represent the full spectrum of upper body motion in this system of silat. The djurus may appear short and to truly understand the movements can take a lifetime.
- 21 Djurus
- 12 Langkas 

Serak Djurus (18)

Serak Langkas

Kuntao Silat deThouars | K'un L'un Pai

Kendang Silat (3)
A combination of Tji-mande, Serah and Tj-Kalong. The three forms complete the ENTIRE system
- Djuru Satu
- Djuru Dua
- Langka Tiga

Kuntao Basic Forms (3)
These three forms will give a good basic understand for the Kuntao scholar. There are two southern systems that stress strong stances.
- Poong | Fukien Kuntao
- Pai Tsing | Shuntung Kuntao
- Ling Sing Toi | Dragon Tail form (Phil taught at Uncle's house)

Kuntao Animal Forms (9)
The six animal forms represent a broad overview of shaolin based animal forms. In presenting the forms, it is more important to express the animal's "attitude" than it is to peform the movements correctly.
- Pai Yun | Tiger descending mountain
- Tong Long Tai | Northern Mantis
- Walang Garong | Small Mantis
- Fan Tze | Eagle Claw
- Pok Sai | Dragon
- Langka Monjet | Monkey footwork form (learned at Phil's house)
- Fuchien Quyen - From Sigung Tan Tong Liang. A combination of tiger, stork and dragon.
- Fu Jow Quyen | Tiger
- Ooler Quyen | Snake

- Ha Ka Quyen | Combined animal form of the Ha Ka community