Black Belt Mag Silat Article
Lao Shr Wayne Welsh
Uncle Bill Shows How to Get it DONE

Does Lineage Matter?

Yes and No

Kung Fu Master Lao Shr Wayne Welsh

Makings of a MAN

The Makings of a MAN

My Journey in the Martial arts

Part I

Double Gold at the 2017 BJJ American Cup Tournament 

Bouncer Councel (Part I)

Tips from my Doorman Days in San Jose

Black Belt Magazine Silat Article

82 Years Young

​Willem deThouars

Bouncer Counsel Blog 1

Conrad Bui

Base of Operations: Denver and San Francisco
Combatives Instructor, Martial Arts Coach and
Doctor of Chiropractic at Aim High

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Martial Arts
2017 BJJ American Cup Double Gold
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