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Lineage and Honor

On facebook, there is a combatives instructor (and I cannot remember who), who claims, "lineage is bullsh1t."  I can see where he is coming from, yet I can also see flip side of this argument. 

Pro Lineage is BS argument:

1. Someone else knows your styles characteristics and therefore will know your weaknesses. True but what the hey?  If someone was researching my lineage to know my weaknesses, they are pretty psychotic and hopefully I will not associate with such people. Also what are the odds of someone  looking up my background (who is intent on robbing or attacking me)?

2. Lineage places you in a box. Some systems require absolute loyalty. In ancient times this was more common but even old systems are a combination of other systems. Take ba gua for example- there has been so much mixing that no one is even sure what the original ba gua looks like. So if the masters of yore stepped outside the box, so can we. Today, my teachers are much more open minded about cross training because they all did it themselves. So the only box I see is a soap box from which this combatives teacher was yelling from.

My take: be proud of who taught you. Be proud of the line of knowledge that has passed to you. Take that knowledge and grow higher. See further because you stand on the shoulders of giants.

Sorry Mr. Combatives teacher. I respectfully disagree.

I have your back,

Conrad the MAN (Martial Arts Nerd)