Seminars and Workshops

Conrad Bui

Base of Operations: Denver and San Francisco
Combatives Instructor, Martial Arts Coach and
Doctor of Chiropractic at Aim High

Martial Arts and Combatives
Martial Arts
Seminars and Worskhops

Green Belt
Technique: hook kick, lunge punch, rear elbow, reverse elbow, double round kick, reverse round kick, jump reverse back fist, slide double round kick
Combinations: 5 | Wrist Locks: 5 & 6
Hyung: To San


Purple Belt
Technique: Cresent kick, jump round kick, hammer fist, reverse hook kick, front elbow, spearhand, jump round kick
Combinations: 5 | Wrist Locks: 7 & 8
Hyung: Wan Hyo

Blue Belt
Technique: front punch, reverse cresent kick, reverse chop, jump side kick, reverse hook
Combinations: 5 | Wrist Locks: 9 & 10 (finished)
Hyung: Yul Kok

Red Belt
Technique: reverse hook-round kick, inverted fist, jump reverse side kick, butterfly kick, drop side kick
Combinations: 5 (finished)
Hyung: Chun Gun

Brown Belt
Hyung: Toi Gye & Hwa Rang

Brown/Black Belt
Hyung: Chung Mu

Black Belt (1st dan)
Hyung: Po Eun

Black Belt (2nd dan)
Hyung: Gae Baek

Sensei Troy - You are the Micheal Jordan of martial arts. Thanks for you unselfish guidence. You are like a second father to me. THANK YOU!

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American Freestyle Karate

Freestyle karate has an emphasis in both sport and street self-defense. Like Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, this system is "free" has no specific or set curriculum. Rather it is composed of the following training methods:

- power/speed development
- accurate timing and targeting
- sparring (principles and techniques)
- proper falling/rolling
- grappling (standing and ground work)

Tae Kwon Do (ITF) Jhoon Rhee System

White Belt
Technique: back fist, reverse punch, front kick, round kick
Combinations: 5 | Wrist Locks: none

Yellow Belt
Technique: reverse side kick
Combinations: 4| Wrist Locks: 1 & 2
Hyung: Chon Ji

Orange Belt
Technique: skip reverse punch, slide round kick, jump front kick, ridge hand, reverse back fist
Combinations: 4| Wrist Locks: 3 & 4
Hyung: Tan Gun